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Monday, March 16, 2015

Old Garden Charm

Perthshire garden photography
It's been blowing a hoolie here in the leavesnbloom garden over the last few weeks.  When we first moved to Perthshire I was warned that winter can arrived in February.  Well this year our heaviest fall of snow of the whole winter season only arrived in March just when the snowdrops were at their peak stage of flowering!

Finally in between the rain, sleet, snow and storms the sun finally appeared and I managed to visit a favourite old garden of mine.  

It's a garden where snowdrops grow in wild utter abandonment alongside pockets of bright yellow winter aconites and purple crocus. 

As a photographer there's such a distinctive character to this old garden that I so admire. It's trapped in time allowing nature a free hand to roam. Yet it's still loved and cherished for the flowers and memories it gives it's now much older and frailer gardener. 

There's a spring in your step as you walk across the lawn ... you know the feeling when you're walking across an expensive carpet.  Only this lawn has a pile thick with moss which has colonized much more than just the lawn!

The old apple tree limbs reach out across the garden welcoming the visitor into the garden. It's a tree that demands respect for it's seniority while soft green mounds of moss blanket it's limbs. 

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